French immersion in Quebec City
Customized French language sessions
Top quality Refresher courses

Linguabec creates customized French language sessions according to different client’s needs.

Sessions are designed for varying groups of individuals, age and occupation including  teachers, students, business people, managers, businesses and seniors. Sessions are tailored to the educational and socio-cultural requirements of each group, taking into consideration :

Linguabec provides unique approaches  created to suit the requirements of each situation.

Linguabec takes care of every detail:

Tailor-made French language courses;
 integration into the French-speaking community by living with Francophone host families;
extra-curricular activities with French-speaking sociocultural and sports monitors.

Innovative and organizational approach
Linguabec follows a new pedagogical and organizational formula, free of the usual institutional constraints where the client must adapt to the supply of services. With Linguabec, our services meet the client’s needs and the design of services results from the client requests.