A unique learning experience awaits you. Competent personnel ensure top quality instruction inside and outside the classroom. In addition, a team of socio-cultural and sports monitors organize a wide variety of activities helping you to enjoy your everyday life in a French-speaking environment.

Linguabec was founded by Marcel Tremblay, who, for over twenty-five years, led the French immersion programs at Laval University. His expertise in the design, development and management of programs in French language and culture is well known and has proven to be most effective for many years.

Teachers working in a Linguabec project are carefully selected based on their suitability to the current project.

They are highly-qualified and all have strong backgrounds in language instruction at a university level.

Socio-cultural and sports monitors also have appropriate training and a rich experience in the organization of extracurricular activities.

Quality control is provided by a pedagogical advisor who holds a Ph.D. in language teaching and applied linguistics.